The Cookie Monstah was featured on Travel Channel’s “Bizarre Foods: Delicious Destinations” and NBC Boston.

Watch the Travel Channel’s spotlight on us here!

I am Missy Gale, mother of four and lifelong foodie. Like many I learned to bake from my mom. With Rita you had to watch very closely because it wasn’t a recipe, it was a little of this and a little of that. The measurement was a nod of the head or a few taps of the foot…. Never over mix and don’t over bake.  Still true to this day.

I knew at the age of 15 when I was selling Grandma Rome’s Chocolate Fudge Cake to my parents’ friends that baking was truly my passion. After getting my degree from Boston University I embarked on a career in food service. I prepared desserts for West Street Grill and Locke’ober. Shortly after I found myself delivering Cheesecakes to 75 Chestnut, Apple Pies to Joes American Bar and Grill, Chocolate Chip cake to Sky, and Chocolate Chunk Cookies to Seattle’s Best in Downtown Crossing, Boston. I opened a retail bakery at Filene’s named Dessert Oasis and sold delicious homemade baked goods for several years.

Right around this time I met my now husband who worked on the Big Dig. It was my goal to have a line of bright orange shirts taking their 10 minute break eating hot apple crisp. Check.

When I sold the bakery I went to work for a wonderful company for 8 years in management but always had that yearning for baking. Taking beautiful raw ingredients and turning them into an all time favorite: The chocolate chip cookie.

During four pregnancies I searched high and low for the ideal cookie. I often drove from Boston up to the North Shore pondering where I could stop and indulge on that ideal cookie. It had to be fresh, it had to be from scratch. Flew to Chicago, drove to NYC, mail ordered from LA, strolled farmers markets. Friends and family told me my cookies could beat any, bar none. WOW.

Like you, I love the idea of sharing food with family and friends, nothing does this better than the time honored tradition of a cookie and a glass of milk.

I want to brighten your day with a delicious homemade cookie and I am doing this on the streets of Boston through my food truck, The Cookie Monstah!  Please come say hi, try a cookie or an ice cream sandwich, I look forward to meeting you.