The Cookie Monstah!

The drive to introduce the best cookie ever has brought me back to a recipe I have made for the past twenty years. I knew it all along. These cookies are crafted with Callebaut chocolate, bourbon vanilla, and farm fresh butter. They are put to rest, hand scooped, then baked to perfection….. And that’s just for the ice cream sandwiches!

We believe so much in the comfort of a warm chocolate chip cookie that we put a Blodgett oven on wheels and bake these discs of heaven right in front of you. We bake on the mobile food truck all day long so you are sure to get the freshest cookie possible. We are so obsessed with making sure you never have to eat par frozen and old cookies that we can even deliver them to you. We have partnered with a courier so If you are in the city of Boston see our rate card for prices of delivery (plus the cost of the cookie). Yes, it’s true you can get a fresh batch from scratch delivered to you for less than ten dollars. Fresh idea and worth every bite.

The Cookie is owned by Missy Gale, mother of four and lifelong foodie. Like you, Missy loves the idea of sharing food with family and friends, nothing does this better than the time honored tradition of a cookie and a glass of milk.

Missy Gale wants to brighten your day with a delicious homemade cookie and she is doing this on the streets of Boston through her food truck, The Cookie Monstah! Please come say hi, try a cookie or an ice cream sandwich, she looks forward to meeting you.

You can order a single cookie, a couple dozen for the office, or a jar for a gift. We don’t know what you’re up to, but we do know it’s getting fresh in here! Follow us on Facebook and Twitter to see our daily schedule and signature flavors. To learn more about booking the truck Contact Us!